My debut story collection will be available September 2017

I'm excited to announce the upcoming publication of How to Get Into Our House and Where We Keep the Money. I'll share developments here as they come along. First up... a sneak peek at the jacket.

An auspicious debut. In these smart and knowing stories, smart and knowing people come up against the limits of their knowingness and break through into a deeper humanity.
— David Gates, author of A HAND REACHED DOWN TO MEET ME
Panio Gianopoulos is the most natural of storytellers, who shows enormous range, mastery and feel for the short story. With echoes ranging from Updike to Murakami to Tom Perrotta, Gianopoulos announces himself as a terrific new voice for the form. This is one to read and savor.
— Daniel Torday, author of THE LAST FLIGHT OF POXL WEST
A stunning collection... These characters inspire your compassion even as they beg for your forgiveness — and even as they make you laugh out loud. Few short stories, much less debut collections, arrive this compelling, this accomplished, this imaginative, and this wise.
— Robin Black, author of IF I LOVED YOU, I WOULD TELL YOU THIS